Saturday, August 8, 2009

Andorra "Andy" - Fiesta Island - 8 months!

Adonis and Andy spent their 8 month old Birthday on Fiesta Island in San Diego...playing in the water and soaking up sun.... oh, and here's andy posing for some updated photos! She's a pretty girl for being in her "fugly" stage :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Almost 8 months old...!


Adonis is growing up super fast right now. He's been outgrowing his crates like crazy! We put bitework on hiatus until he gets his testosterone in and can work in different drive states (i.e. more aggression). His obedience is fantastic and now that he's growing into those HUGE feet, he's starting to look a lot more like his dad when he heels. He learns things exceptionally fast and I'm having a blast training him. We'd been slacking on tracking in the interest of getting Malachai ready for some big competitions at the end of this year but today we did a 30 pace track on dirt and he did well and even did the article without prompting! You can see he's still fugly teenager but he looks to have the angulation of his mother and very similar body type (not a bad thing!) .... I just am not so sure about those dang ears! Though the tounge photo is priceless since both Cindy and his sister Andorra have taken similar photos!

Andorra (Andy) is coming back to spend the week with me starting Friday so will have some updated photos of her!