Friday, January 30, 2009

The boring stuff....

Couple of updates on the kids!

They are now experiencing the world!

I'm playing noise CD's and musics all day long for them. Yesterday (1/29/09) was the first time they got to hear a vacuum cleaner! Lots of handling going on.

The other day one of the bigger boys (I'm pretty sure it was black!) started HOWLING which was a crack up. Both the bigger boys are fairly vocal and are playing with each other quite a bit.

Pink and Blue are still my sleepers! The girl is more active...Blue likes to interact only with the 'milk dispenser' .. aka CINDY!

They are handling things very well. The boys are now pestering me when I clean the box to see what I'm doing. Tan is still not so sure he wants anything to do with my handling him but he's not as vocal as he was last week about it.

Nail clippings will be done again this weekend I'm sure. The tails are finally healing over was a long process since Cindy decided to pull the stitches out!!! This will definitely be the LAST litter I dock tails on! Although their butts DO look very cute!

The big boys are going into some uglies but the girl keeps getting better and better, as does Peanut (blue). The coloring is awesome and I'm sure the length of muzzle and size is going to be incredible.

We will try and take some nice show photos soon. They turned 3 weeks on the 29th so time for more photos. Pretty soon we will be able to take some nice stacked side profiles!

They are all moving around the whelping box well although I'm now laying more and more towels down for traction.

Thats all I can think of for now!

More shots from 1/28 - 1/29

Everyone's favorite "peanut"!

Black Boy

I can't tell...I THINK this is Tan...they look so similar sometimes!

Thats my girl...Pink!

I think this was pink girl but I might be wrong!

Three little piglets and mommy's favorite where he always is! He got a private dinner :)

Photos 1/26/09

Ok, so my camera wasn't the best. But here are some shots I took on 1/26/09 of "da babies"


I think this is Tan and Black....might be the girl...

Black Boy

Littermates? Amazing size difference huh?



Botty shot cuz their butts are so cute!


I think thats Tan

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Development Updates

Many things have happened in the last week!

Black was the first to start opening his eyes on 1/21. He weighed in at 3lbs, 3 oz on 1/26. He's showing the most play and interest in people right now....the most likely try and climb in my lap or lick my feet while I'm cleaning the box.

Tan decided to open his eyes during the same night Black started and his were open on 1/22. He weighed 3 lbs, 5 oz on 1/26 making him the bigger boy right now. He is showing the most temperament right now....the most vocalizations, growls, barks. Very noisy and seems a bit touch sensitive. He's really reminding me of his Uncle Reino in how he reacts to handling.

Pink girl has been the quiet nurturer. She's always with her baby brother Blue. She opened her eyes on 1/23 and weighed 2 lbs, 9 oz on 1/26. She's very calm with handling. She's pretty much everyone's favorite pillow if their in a pile. She reminds me a lot of grandma fera!

Blue boy took his time opening his eyes. He likes to take his time with everything! He opened one eye on 1/23 and just finally got them fully open. He's more interested in sleeping or hanging with his mom than exploring the box. He weighed 1 lb, 5 oz on 1/26.

A question that came up on the chat room is "why isn't she feeding the little one" ....

Um, far from it. Cindy is showing immense favoritism to Blue at this point. Some people think she is "attacking" her puppies over food. Actually she's been guarding blue boy while he's nursing so that he can eat the most. She still lets them all nurse but definitely has her moments where she'll pick him up, move him across the box and just let him nurse.

NO she is not hurting her puppies !
She's actually always been very good in dog social groups as the one I use who can sound like a lion but never leave a mark. So yes...she's making a heck of a lot of noise and bumping them with her nose but she is NOT making any kind of contact.

So at the moment, Blue is by far her favorite. He is always the cleanest puppy and Tanya noticed he's always the one who is wet because she grooms him the most.

Some people question the camera going out.....
I've had the unfortunate luck of blowing several fuses because I'm using so many heaters in the house because of the cold weather this past week (lotta rain in Southern California!).

So yes...if the fuse blows, I'm using an old laptop to run the webcam so it will usually shut off because the battery isn't being powered.

There's also been a problem of timing out every once in awhile. I usually notice pretty quickly but maintaining the webcam isn't exactly my highest priority.

The puppies have recently started listening to music now that their ears are open to the sounds of the world. I'm playing a CD of noises 1-2x per day on low which contains sounds like gun fire, trains, dog show noises, etc. Just to get them use to hearing other things. I'm playing radio pretty much 100% of the time (barring any blown fuses!)

Structurally is a toss up between them all. The best markings are on Black and Pink.

They all have very nice heads. I really like the length of muzzle and topskull on pink and black. I'm still not sure what I think about Blue Boy's headtype. Its not bad....just very different. I have no clue who he's going to look like in this pedigree !

Thats all for now! More pictures soon!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Updated Pictures 1/23/09 *two weeks*



PEANUT (Blue Boy)

JUNIOR (Black Boy)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Thought I'd give some new puppy updates. Tanya will be over tomorrow to do some updated shots since I've killed all my batteries in the last few days. They are now 14 days old and starting to show personality...and stink! Yes puppy breath but also...puppy poo!

Updated puppy weights as of 1/21/09

Tan - 2lbs, 10 oz
Pink - 1lb, 13 oz
Black, 2 lbs, 13 oz
Blue - 15 oz

Black and Tan keep leap-frogging in the battle of who will be the biggest boy!

Blue is barely coming up on a lb....yes he's that much smaller than them!

At this point, Tan is the most aggressive and independent. He was the most fiesty during nail clippings and the first to growl. Black is much more mellow. Both boys are fairly independent and nurse like there's no tomorrow.

Blue remains Cindy's favorite and the only one she still carries around. He's always at her feet or attached to her. Today he fell asleep while nursing which was immensely cute!

Pink holds her own on all grounds with the boys. She still hasn't developed any tendency either way.

Black reminded me a lot of Dasher Senior this morning because he spent about 90 seconds trying to roll onto his feet and was groaning in frustration that he couldn't figure it out. It might be early to call but I think he's going to be "pretty but dumb" (or "pretty dumb!") like his Uncle.

Something about Blue...aka Peanut...has a lot of people wondering when he will catch up. Head type, markings and and structure look nice...just not a lotta bone. By far he appears to have the best angulation in the stifle. Its going to be interesting to see where he ends up at 8 wks.

Black was the first to open his eyes today (finally!) but hasn't quite committed to it yet. He peaks out from one eye here and there. Perhaps too bright for him! I'm anxiously awaiting seeing all their little eyes open up in the next few days. They have been blind/deaf up until now so it should be interesting to see how their personalities develop as their bodies develop.

Thats all for now......

Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Photos

Here are some random photos I've taken but haven't had time to upload. They are from the past week...sorry their not dated! The puppies got new collars the day before Bonnie came so they are much easier to identify in the box! On 1/18/09 they got their first nail trimming...mainly for the sake of mama Cindy! All of them protested the process except Black Boy who just laid back and chilled.

Our first "growl" of protest was today (1/19/09) with TAN boy who vocalized that I was wiping him down with a rag. Blind, deaf but still fiesty! Gotta love that!

The last in the series below shows the bone difference from earlier in the week between "Peanut" and one of the boys...probably Black. Black, Pink and Tan have really nice bone at this age. Peanuts bone fits his build...which I still can't decide if he's going to be a chi-weiler or actually grow into himself. Its still early to tell.

Blue is definitely Cindy's you can tell. He's always curled up on her paw or between her front legs. He always seems to be with her. And he's ALWAYS the one she carries. Everyone else screams bloody murder if she picks them up (albeit she's not THAT gentle about it) but Blue seems to have adapted to the rides mommy gives him. Its like he's her new toy. She's such a crack up.

Still waiting for them to open their eyes and ears up already.....we have a CD of noises to play in the whelping room that will help acclimate them to noises like thunder, gunfire, etc. It should be good to imprint them early.

More photos later! Off to go feed Mama and the rest of the pack!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gammy Visits!

So Bonnie...CINDY's Breeder...paid a visit to the family today and took a few candid photos. Cindy hasn't seen bonnie in YEARS and remembered her like it was nothing. Very cute reunion. Bonnie was able to get right in with the babies and Cindy snuggled up beside her. Here are the shots....

And a BLAST from the PAST..... The "girls" who came before Cindy Lou to MAKE cindy lou....

Cindy's mom...the A-Litter's "Grandma"......FERA

Then Meet "Mirka" ... the great-grandma of these puppies! Yes...thats a lotta generations!

And back a little further is great-great Grandma of the puppies ... "Bessy"!