Monday, December 31, 2012

5 week Update

The babies are 5 weeks old now! Ben weighs in at 8 lbs 6 oz and Brazen weighs 8 lbs 2 oz. They stopped nursing completely from mom and have taken a break from seeing her directly so that she can dry up and not get bitten up by their sharp teeth. She still visits over the whelping box wall or thru a crate where she is safe from their advances!!

I've really started letting the puppies explore and they sure love it! They started to run which is amazing because a week and a half ago they could barely walk. They still aren't great at it and they crash a lot if they get going too fast. 

I've started exposing them to more noises. Vaccum, blender, hair dryer, etc. They love to dig in the closet and find the biggest shoe they can find to carry around like a prize. Both can escape the whelping box if the pen is not around it. 

Heart shaped bum marking (exploring closet!):

Brazen found the stack of puppy news paper and started dragging them out one by one 

Ben nursing like its his last time (it was!!)

Ben sleeping... this can't be comfortable!

Brazen showing one of their favorite ways out of the box....

Ben looking for mom

The babies at 4 1/2 weeks old



On Sunday, their 5 week birthday, we took them outside for the first time. We set up a pen on the concrete patio at our new house where we are doing some construction. We are digging post holes for fencing so we started in the side yard away from the puppies to get them use to the sound of the gas post hole digger. They did great!!! We let them explore the grass yard and hang out on the concrete but a surprise storm blew in so they only got to hang out for a few hours.....

The entire time in the pen, they made sure to stay in close contact. Ben is very dependent on his sister at this age when exploring new stuff. He likes to keep an eye on her and know where she is at. They did great in their new surroundings though considering it was their very first outting!

Ben on grass

 Brazen on the move


Met 5 new people! They did great!

Ben says 'this grass is COLD' ! 

At this stage, Brazen is way more exploratory then Ben. He would rather hang by people or mom ....she is constantly heading in a new direction or getting into something new. She is extremely independent! 

Brazen making new friends!!

5 week stacked photos of Brazen 

5 week stacked photos of Ben ....

His trademark yawn ..... "this is boring stop touching me!"

Puppies wanted to explore the shower so I let them in and turned it on low so they could feel the water ... they loved it!

Ben with the biggest shoe he could find 

Brazen grabbed a sweat shirt arm and tried to make a run for it!

Ben got tired of the photos and grabbed the strap of the camera while I was trying to get his picture!

He found sheets peeking out of the armoire so he decided to tug it out!

Brazen at 5 weeks

Ben at 5 weeks

Finding an appropriate toy to play with!

Ben's cute toes!

Doesn't she look a little mischievious? 

Back in the box for bed time! 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Babies first exploration

Let the kids go crazy running around the bedroom. First they fixated on mama bella and trying to get milk but finally they roamed into the bathroom, rummaged under the bed and thru the closet. Some pictures from tonights adventures......

Brazen loves dragging the rug around

Ben has more of a shoe fettish

Threw a plastic bag from some dry cleaning on the ground.... they like to bite new things!