Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Puppy Updates and Games

Well Peanut found his way to his new home yesterday. Myself and a friend made a 4 hour trek up to Fresno California to meet his new family about half way. They live up in Santa Rosa area. They've had large dogs before and currently have a nutty little Yorkie for him to play with, as well as two kids. I'm very excited he found such a good home!

We had the SW Regional Sieger Show this weekend. Mama Cindy was about 10 weeks out from having puppies and decided to blow her coat in patches! I thought about pulling her because she looked terrible IMO but I figured she was entered and we might as well compete. Good thing we did....we walked away with V2 in the Working Class (her first V-Rating!) which completed her SILVER Award of Merit with the USRC. Yayyyyy!!!

Dasher, her brother, took V3 in a very large Open Class. Not too shabby? Picture with the Judge....

Adonis has been doing great. He is a regular Spiderman and can easily climb a 2 1/2 foot gate/fence. So we started crate training and he's been sleeping thru the night and indiciating when he has to potty. His sister Andy (Andorra) will be coming back next week to do some Obedience training and drive building. She's already putting holes in her owners and has become quite the alligator. :)

Here's what I've started with Adonis this past week.....

- Pushing him away so he pushes to come back into me
- When he looses focus, tap his butt and run away
- Food games to teach stretching his neck and the first steps of prancing-type heeling
- Bait with food and as he goes into it, I put slight pressure on his chest so he really has to push into the food to get it
- Feeding out of a food bowl and pulling him away from it slightly so he really digs in and eats
- Retrieve Games with a ball or thick tug so he learns to really open his mouth wide ... if he doesn't bring it back I run away from him
- Tracking is starting this weekend
- Small amounts of tug with little to no grips given and put away when he's frustrated

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Training Video

Adonis is featured in one of his first videos!

Ok, so we're just playing around and socializing him. He's mighty cute!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

9 Week Puppy Pictures

So the babies turn 9 weeks tomorrow which means another round of shots and photographs.

Peanut and Adonis are with me. "Andie" the female is living with my friend on co-ownership. And black puppy moved on to his new home and the new name of "Castor Troy". I will see him tomorrow for shots and updated pictures!!!

Peanut/Blue Boy

Adonis/Tan Boy

Andie/Pink Girl

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Litter turns 8 Weeks!!!

So the babies turn 8 weeks today and started going to their new homes last night!

Andorra vom Bosen Blick or "Andie" went to stay with my friend Minh to be raised with his other Rottweiler. He says she has taken to the house right away! She will be on co-ownership with me still and I'll do all of her training/titling.

Adonis vom Bosen Blick ,...aka "Adonis" is staying with me as my next competition dog. We've done 3 obedience sessions with food today and he did super. He likes cheese like his uncle Dasher!!!

Black Puppy....yet unnamed.... went to his new home in El Monte with a very cute little girl. The family has a 10 year old male Rottweiler and just lost their older female. He's going to be a great companion for them.

Peanut is getting looked at this weekend. No for sure takers yet.

Future Schutzhund Champion

What ARE you doing mom?

I'm outta here!

What was THAT?!!

Whatever...I gotta itch!

Me with Adonis



Peanut (where'd everybody go??)


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Ramblings

Oh my they have grown! I've been without a laptop for several days when one of my client dogs got a hold of my laptop charger and decided to bite it into two pieces :)

So here are some photos we took last week (they had just turned 6 wks). I need to find the ones of Tan still and nothing of blue turned out I don't think. They've been spending a lot of time outside now that its pretty and just started really destroying things in that room. They are a special little bunch! I gave up trying to keep the shavings from getting everywhere....thats fruitless!!

They just started eating more mush/kibble and carrots! They LOVE their carrots!