Monday, February 16, 2009

puppy pictures

Puppies took their first journey out of the box and into another room since its raining outside. They also had new visitors (Glory B's parents George and Barbara.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Stacked Photos 5 wks





Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prey Building at 4 1/2 weeks

Socialization and Renovations

The babies are coming up on 5 wks old this Thursday. Their diet has expanded and is including less and less of mom's milk. Typical meals are goats milk mixed with either raw ground beef or yougart and I just started them on some soaked kibble. They pretty much eat anything at this age! We also started something new this week.....HOUSEBREAKING!

Normally I'd follow the protocol of Cindy's breeder....where the babies graduate to their grown up play area. Unfortunately...its cold out there! So we'll use that as a day time play area and the whelping box has been renovated for night time. I took the back half of the box and added wood shavings and am teaching the puppies to use THAT as their pee and poop area. They naturally want to poop there but the peeing is taking some time. But their hitting their mark pretty consistently. Just a lot of timing it so every time I wake them up I immediately get them in the shavings and right after they eat they need to go into the shavings.

I got them a new toy. It was in the cat section and is this long piece of fur with some feathers at the end on a wand. They are really diggin' it! I call it early prey development :)

Still introducing new noises, textures, surfaces. I went to the SW Regional Schutzhund Championships this weekend and got a clatter stick for them. It doesn't clatter much (needs broken in) but I just tap them with it and bag it on my hand while they eat. Today we played with packing paper...the ones that pop!


Wanting some love!

We love our toys!!!

Stacking pictures coming soon! Aunt Tanya has to come over and help photograph! She tried doing it this weekend when she was babysitting them but they didn't turn out well.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Quickie Updates

Shots were Done today. They Got the Progard CPv that was rush ordered last minute when I realized the shots I ordered 2 months ago were the wrong ones! Such drama. Technically they were suppose to get it yesterday but one day won't make that big of a difference. The only cry-baby was Blue Boy (Peanut) but he's kinda been cranky lately anyways.

My AVID microchips also came in the mail so those will all be implanted before babies go to their new homes. That way they will always be able to trace back to me.

Today's ENS was two-fold. One I gave them the box from their puppy scale to play with . Pink girl loved to sit herself high up on it like it was a throne. Early signs of a Diva!!!

The second thing I gave them was this long strip of brown packing paper and crumpled it around them, put it over their heads, waved it around, etc.

The bottle of rocks doesn't bother them and I can blast the noise CD with fireworks, cars, people, trains, babies crying, etc and they don't care at all. I've also been trying to make my own noises...slamming doors, clapping hands, howling, squeaking toys, etc

Puppy Weights:
Blue Boy - 3 lbs, 3 oz
Pink Girl - 5lbs 1 oz
Black Boy - 6 lbs, 6 oz
Tan Boy - 6 lbs

Tan Boy with the brown packing paper behind him

Peanut crawling under the paper

Pink girl getting up on her Throne

She fell asleep like this which was ohhhhhh so cute!

Black boy still trying to grow tall enough to climb out!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

4 Weeks Old - American Idol?

You be the judge....

4 weeks Birthday

Time has flown by with these guys! They have been so much fun to watch develop. Today I introduced a few new things.... a brown paper bag with a slightly thicker texture than the newspaper they are use to, a clear liter bottle with rocks to make noise and a duck that makes a quacking "duck call" like noise. They've had a few more visitors to come see them which has been fun. Their starting to try and climb out of the whelping box and jump up for attention when people visit. They are getting a pretty solid meal of raw meat mixed with goats milk (initially I used puppy milk replacer since I had some left over). Nummy! They are piglets!

Tan Puppy

The Big Boys Tan (Left) and Black (Right)

Tan Boy

What the heck is this thing?! We don't need anymore competition for food in this box!

Hmmm....its bigger than me right now.

Mommy wants me to grip full so I'll practice on this birds neck!!!

Take that sucka!

How's this for V momma? Am I pronounced in Courage?

How's my fight drive?

Thats better surrender...! I'm going to take a nap now...!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our NEXT Home

I've almost finished the puppy building I set up outside. Basically, a $700 rubbermaid shed... tiled the floor.... added a make-shift fence and used wood slats to seperate in half so that half will be woodchips (for potty training) and half will be newspaper/bedding/toys. The entire shed is covered with shade cloth, as is the entrance. Its encircled with 6 ft chainlink fence that has bamboo fencing attached so that the other dogs can run the yard without seeing or bothering the puppies.

THE INSIDE (wood chips will go where the bag of chips is currently

The fence is about 4 1/2 feet high with about 1 foot of wood slats at the bottom. Secured with clips to the shed so the double doors will stay open when the puppies are in there during the day. its a bit ghetto. But I'm a college student on a budget! Plus, after assembling the actual shed I had zero help so everything else was done by me. Yes, that means I used a screwdriver, saw, etc and finagled the entire design together. Its all about GIRL POWER folks :) Some of my finer touches include the duct tape "base board" and ample use of cable ties!

Puppies will get their first shot tomorrow so in a few days I'll let them do a day trip outside baring any unforseen changes in the weather! I actually haven't had to heat the puppy room hardly at all its been so nice! And its sunny and beautiful out right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!